Rochester United Basketball (RUBB) was inaugurated in 2020. 

RUBB is dedicated exclusively to the promotion and development of minor league basketball programs.

Rochester United Basketball is member of American Basketball Association (ABA) and Official Basketball Association Inc. (OBA).

During its inauguration year RUBB  proved to be a competitive team  with talented players.

Coach Sam Kenyi and assistant coach Jordan Withcomb’s dedication brought RUBB reputation to the higher level.

Our organization strives to provide not only athletic opportunities but also lessons in learning, life and social responsibility in the community.


Mission Statement

To offer sports programs through a volunteer base to  promote good sportsmanship and good citizenship.

Vision Statement

To offer athletes and volunteers opportunities to develop to their highest level through a national and local network of sporting events.

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Coach`s Welcome

Before you can build an effective team, you need high-performing players. So next time you consider hiring a new employee, revisit these 4 characteristics. If you have an open floor plan, you may not want to hire someone who is extremely introverted or accustomed to working remotely.
James O. Spiceman

Officials and fouls

The seven officials on the field are each tasked with a different set of responsibilities:

  • The referee is positioned behind and to the side of the offensive backs.
  • The umpire is positioned in the defensive backfield, except in the NFL

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